Welcome to my eportfolio! Here you will find writing I have done for my Sweetland Minor in Writing, and as a Political Science Major at the University of Michigan.  The writing is separated into three categories: minor in writing, argumentative, and everyday. These sections provide a sample of the work I’ve done for the gateway class of the minor, and across a variety of courses at university.  The different sections provide an overview of the diverse writing styles and skills developed through my assignments and writing experiences.  In the minor portion, you will see the assignments as well as reflections on being a writer at the beginning and end of the semester. The argumentative section includes formal, lengthy pieces, like an assessment on female involvement in the political parties of India.  While the everyday section contains smaller, weekly assignments, like literature reviews I did as a research assistant. Amongst the pieces you’ll find reflections and explanations that will discuss my process and provide hyperlinks to the relevant sections of the eportfolio, enjoy!

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